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Margaret M Blackwell Travel Fellowship 2014

The 2014 fellowship

The 2014 Margaret M Blackwell Travel Fellowship has been awarded to Sarah Moore (pictured), a hospital play specialist at Starship Children's Hospital. She will use the grant to investigate the application of a method known as Snoezelen to support hospitalised children and their families manage transitions between home and hospital, within the hospital and the transition from hospital to home. Snoezelen is a purposefully controlled, multisensory approach that was originally developed in Holland in the 1970s for people with special needs. She will use the grant to strengthen her Snoezelen practice and to observe Snoezelen sessions in different settings.

The fellowship was initiated in 1988 and is now administered by NZCER on behalf of the trust. It will  be offered again later in 2015.

The award is for a period of up to three months but not less than six weeks. Applications must be related to the topics listed below. The award is for $16,000 and is for travel and accommodation, to be taken in 2015. 

The Ministry of Education has recognised the fellowship as a prestigious award, which means the recipient may be eligible for leave with pay, subject to the approval of their employing authority.

Who is eligible?

It is open to current practitioners in the broad field of early childhood education in New Zealand. The successful recipient will be selected from:

a) Teachers, supervisors and workers from all sectors of early childhood education
b) Lecturers in appropriate disciplines in tertiary institutions.


For inquiries please contact Sarah Boyd on 04-8021468 or