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Monitoring Progress in Spelling Using Developmental Information

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Monitoring Progress in Spelling Using Developmental Information provides a useful tool for professionals who monitor children's progress in written spelling. Parents who wish to understand how children's written spelling develops will also find it a helpful overview.

Author, Cedric Croft, discusses the development of spelling skills in primary-age children and summarises a five-stage developmental sequence. The focus is on assisting teachers to monitor progress: the book provides a number of examples of children’s writing along with analytical commentaries and there is an easy-to-use monitoring sheet which can be reproduced for classroom use.

The book gives plenty of detail about the developmental sequences in spelling. A deep understanding of these will help teachers both to plan their programmes to meet the learning needs of students and to make valid assessments. If the assessments are maintained from about age five to age eleven, they will provide an ongoing indication of whether individual children are keeping abreast of well-established milestones of spelling development.

Cedric Croft
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