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PTS Assessments

An innovative,  online assessment designed to help you identify pupils with dyslexic tendencies. As an initial screening tool, it enables you to distinguish between poor reading ability and dyslexia, and gives advice on next steps. Dyslexia Screener: Includes adaptive testing to... more
The ASEBA is designed to assess adaptive and maladaptive functioning. Various forms are available as paper based assessments and online: Pre-School forms School-Age forms Adult forms Direct Observation Form (DOF) Semi-structured Clinical Interview for Children and Adolescents (SCICA... more
The Teacher Observation Scales are designed for identifying children with special abilities. Students who are borderline gifted and talented, puzzling, unknown, new to the school, enigmatic, and/or who display intermittent signs of unusual ability, should be rated by these scales. There are five... more
The REEL-3 is designed to help identify infants and toddlers who have language impairments or who have other disabilities that affect language development. The REEL-3 has two core subtests — receptive language and expressive language — and a new supplementary subtest — inventory... more
GL Assessment’s leading vocabulary assessment for standard English, the British Picture Vocabulary Scale: Third Edition (BPVS3), can play an important role in assessing a child’s receptive (hearing) vocabulary, from as young as 3 years right up to 16 years of age. Its simple, appealing format and... more
This bestselling literacy resource is designed to accelerate learning and increase fluency and comprehension through fun and engaging activities. M100W Magic 100 Words assists students in mastering the most frequently used words in reading and writing. The first 100 most frequent words make up, on... more
This resource provides an overview of effective methods for helping students develop their spelling skills. Also included is the South Australian Spelling Test which is a 70-word oral spelling test designed to identify the students who require additional help as well as give the teacher information... more
The SWST covers everyday vocabulary and presents each word in a sentence context. A set of nine tests contains between 30 and 50 words. Raw scores, standardised scores, spelling ages, percentile ranks, and progress scores are incorporated in the answer sheet. It also offers useful teaching... more
This is an 80-item test that measures a student's ability to correctly spell words that are presented orally. Each word is placed in the context of a short sentence and graded in order of difficulty. The particular items to be used are selected from the list according to the age and ability of... more
The Listening Inventory is an informal behavioural observation completed by parents and/or teachers. The Listening Inventory is a first step to quantify behaviours to see if a child might need evaluation for auditory disorders and it can provide a starting point for discussions with the speech-... more