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PTS Assessments

The Listening Inventory is an informal behavioral observation completed by parents and/or teachers. The Listening Inventory is a first step to quantify behaviors to see if a child might need evaluation for auditory disorders and it can provide a starting point for discussions with the speech-... more
GL Assessment’s leading vocabulary assessment for standard English, the British Picture Vocabulary Scale: Third Edition (BPVS3), can play an important role in assessing a child’s receptive (hearing) vocabulary, from as young as 3 years right up to 16 years of age. Its simple, appealing format and... more
The REEL-3 is designed to help identify infants and toddlers who have language impairments or who have other disabilities that affect language development. The REEL-3 has two core subtests — receptive language and expressive language — and a new supplementary subtest — inventory... more
<p>The Non-word Reading Test is intended to assess the key word reading skill of phonological recoding in order to identify students who are low on these skills and will require additional assistance. Students respond orally to seven practice items, consisting of single letters, followed... more
This instrument provides a criterion-referenced assessment of reading and arithmetic skills. The Reading subtest assesses basic word attack skills in the following areas: letter recognition, letter sounds, blending, sequencing, decoding of common spelling patterns and multi-syllable words, and... more
This assessment is designed to identify those who may have delays or impairments with their comprehension or expression of language. It covers the following areas of language development: Sentence comprehension Inferential comprehension Naming Syntactic formulation Syntactic decisions... more
The THS-R is an untimed, clinical assessment of neurosensory integration skills evident in handwriting (both manuscript and cursive) that are often disrupted in students with learning difficulties. The THS-R provides standardized assessment of children's handwriting ability for both manuscript... more
SPAT-R is a simple and comprehensive standardised test that provides an overview of the phonological awareness skills required for early literacy development. May be used diagnostically for older children and alternate forms are available for pre-and post testing. Phonological awareness is tested... more
The ASK-KIDS Inventory for Children provides a profile of children’s self-concept in relation to a diverse set of physical, cognitive, and social activities. It includes self-concept in 10 areas: Reading Number Drawing Friends Communication Individuality Belonging Movement... more
This test covers number, measurement, and space, and informs teachers and parents about a student's numeracy development in the early years of schooling. Questions are administered orally.