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PTS Assessments

This assessment is designed to identify those who may have delays or impairments with their comprehension or expression of language. It covers the following areas of language development: Sentence comprehension Inferential comprehension Naming Syntactic formulation Syntactic decisions... more
The ASK-KIDS Inventory for Children provides a profile of children’s self-concept in relation to a diverse set of physical, cognitive, and social activities. It includes self-concept in 10 areas: Reading Number Drawing Friends Communication Individuality Belonging Movement... more
The MYAT is designed as a test of general ability, covering numeracy, literacy, and nonverbal ability. It comprises 75 multiple-choice items: Numeracy — 25 items which provide information about the extent to which a student can exercise basic numeracy skills, is a discriminating and... more
The Non-verbal Reasoning test is designed to measure a student's ability to recognise similarities, analogies, and patterns in unfamiliar designs. The processes required to complete these tests demonstrate how students understand and assimilate new information and indicate future academic... more
This test is designed to provide information about a student's ability to learn new concepts and understand new ideas across a range of subjects. The assessment content covers vocabulary, logical verbal reasoning, relationships between words, and symbol manipulation using letters and numbers.... more
To assess the usage and helpfulness of a range of general and specific coping strategies. The Adolescent Coping Scale – Second Edition (ACS-2) is an important research, clinical and educational instrument designed to support young people when examining their own coping behaviour. Updated to... more