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Autism Detection in Early Childhood (ADEC)

Autism Detection in Early Childhood (ADEC) is an extremely effective, validated screening tool for identifying autism and autistic tendencies in children as young as 12 months. Until now, autism has typically gone undiagnosed in younger children due to a lack of awareness of the behaviours that can indicate autism in preverbal children. ADEC clearly identifies and details these behaviours. Those at risk can be screened and referred for a more formal diagnosis, enabling much-needed support at an early stage of development—an important contributor to successful intervention.

ADEC consists of a manual, a training DVD, a score sheet for each child assessed, and stimulus materials.

Key features:

  • Ability to screen children as young as 12 months for autism or autistic tendencies.
  • Can be used with little training by general practitioners, maternal healthcare nurses, allied healthcare professionals, psychologists, therapists, and special needs educators.
  • Assists in identifying specific behaviours that require intervention.
  • Able to discriminate autistic behaviours from learning disabilities and other developmental disorders with a high level of sensitivity and specificity.
Test Abbreviation: 
Registration Level: 
12 months - 3 years
Country of origin: 
ACER Press
10-15 minutes (untimed)
Work Area: 

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8014M/DVD Autism Detection in Early Childhood (ADEC) manual and DVD $313.80
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