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Criterion Test of Basic Skills - 2 (CTOBS-2)

This instrument provides a criterion-referenced assessment of reading and arithmetic skills. The Reading subtest assesses basic word attack skills in the following areas: letter recognition, letter sounds, blending, sequencing, decoding of common spelling patterns and multi-syllable words, and sight word recognition. The Arithmetic subtest assesses skills in these areas: counting, number concepts and numerical recognition, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, measurement concepts, fractions, decimals, and percents, geometric concepts, pre-algebra, and rounding and estimation. The manual contains more than 250 teacher-directed, independent, and peer tutoring activities correlated to the skill areas assessed and are arranged according to increasing difficulty.

The Test Kit includes a Manual, 25 Arithmetic Recording Forms, 25 Reading Assessment Records, 25 Math Problem Sheets and Test Plates.

6 - 11-11
Country of origin: 
Academic Therapy
15min (untimed)

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Product code Product title Variation Price
8065RRF CTOBS-2 Reading Recording Forms (pk25) forms $110 NZD
8065M Criterion Test of Basic Skills-2 Manual manual $80 NZD
8065ARF Criterion Test of Basic Skills-2 25 Arithmetic Recording Forms forms $80 NZD
8065TP Criterion Test of Basic Skills-2 Test Plates marking key $80 NZD
8065MPF Criterion Test of Basic Skills-2 25 Math Problem Sheets forms $46 NZD
8065C Criterion Test of Basic Skills-2 Test Kit (Includes: Manual, 2 starter kit $450 NZD