Understanding Yourself and Others: An Introduction to Interaction Styles

Are you ready to have a process to explain what an ESTJ, ENTJ, ESTP and ENFJ all have in common? It is their interaction style!

Learn and use this booklet with others to see the similarities between the different personality types and how they interact and communicate by looking at the four interaction styles:

  • In-Charge: ESTJ, ENTJ, ESTP, ENFJ
  • Behind-the-Scenes: ISFJ, INTP, ISFP, INFP
  • Chart-the-Course: ISTJ, INTJ, ISTP, INFJ
  • Get-things-Going: ESFJ, ENTP, ESFP, ENFP

Understanding Yourself and Others®: An Introduction to Interaction Styles reveals the four fundamental interaction style patterns for you to "try on" in your search for understanding yourself (and others). Within these patterns are clues to the "how" of our behaviors. Find out how you consistently seem to fall into certain roles in your interactions with others and how you can shift your energies to take on other roles when necessary.

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