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Registering with PTS

We ask you to register before purchasing assessments

The psychometric assessments we supply are sourced from international test publishers who restrict the use of the assessments to appropriately qualified individuals.


We want to ensure you have the necessary qualifications and experience to use and interpret these assessments in an accurate and professional manner. When you are registered, we will assign you to a level so we can supply you with assessments appropriate to your registration or certification.


Find out more about our registration levels.

Registering takes two steps

First, you need to sign up for a user account with NZCER. That means giving your email address and creating a password.

Second, you register with PTS and provide information about yourself and your qualifications. You can upload scans of qualifications and academic transcripts. We may contact you to ask for more information or different forms of evidence.


Once you are registered, we will let you know what level you are on. If you are unable to purchase the assessment you want, we will let you know what qualifications would enable you to do so.

Registration levels

Test users are registered with PTS according to their scope of practice: Education, Psychology, or Human Resources. Within each scope there are three levels of registration: A, B, and C.