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National Survey

NZCER began regular surveys of primary schools in 1989, focusing on the impact of the educational reforms that began then. In 2003, we added secondary schools. We survey each schooling level every 3 years, and we ask questions of principals, teachers, Board of Trustees members, and parents and whānau.

Our national surveys have become significant gauges of changes in our schools, and in the lives of teachers and principals. They are important sources of information for representative groups, the Ministry of Education, other government agencies, and the public. They are funded by the Government Grant from the Ministry of Education.

Find out more about the national surveys in the reports and articles listed at the bottom of the page.

Survey News

The first reports from the NZCER National Survey of Primary and Intermediate Schools 2016  have been released and are available for download below. 

If you would like to receive an email to alert you to the release of further survey reports during 2017, please go here.

We thank everyone who has taken the time to share their views with us, and look forward to making the findings available to you.

We have now added the latest report Digital Technologies for learning: Findings from the NZCER national survey of primary and intermediate schools 2016 and the infographic.

National Survey project publications:

Year published Title Publication type
2017 The work of school boards – trustees’ perspectives: Findings from the NZCER national survey of primary and intermediate schools 2016 Research report
2017 Digital technologies for learning: Findings from the NZCER national survey of primary and intermediate schools 2016 Research report
2017 NZCER national survey of primary and intermediate schools 2016: Methodology and sample information Research report
2016 National Standards in their seventh year Research report
2016 Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako: The Emergent Stage Research report
2016 Secondary schools in 2015 Research report
2015 Ngā whakaratonga mō ngā ākonga Māori i roto i ngā kura auraki Providing for Māori students in English-medium schools Research report
2015 Learning to learn in secondary classrooms Research report
2014 Primary and intermediate schools in 2013 Research report
2013 National Standards: What difference are they making? Conference paper
2013 Sampling Methods for the NZCER Primary National Survey Conference paper
2013 NCEA one decade on Research report
2013 Secondary schools in 2012 Research report
2012 The primary school curriculum: Assimilation, adaptation, transformation Research report
2011 Opportunities for Teacher Collaborative Practices in a Self-Managed School System: the New Zealand Experience Research report
2011 Exploring connections between engagement and student voice Conference presentation
2010 NZCER 2010 Primary & Intermediate Schools National Survey Research report
2010 The Evolving NCEA Research report
2010 Reshaping the secondary school curriculum: Building the plane while flying it? Research report
2010 Principal vacancies and appointments 2008-9 Research report
2009 School resources, culture and connections: NZCER National Survey Thematic Report Research report
2008 Early childhood education services in 2007: key findings from the NZCER survey Research report
2008 Curriculum changes, priorities and issues: findings from the NZCER secondary 2006 and primary 2007 national surveys Research report
2008 Assessment practices and aspects of curriculum in early childhood education Professional learning resource
2007 Report back on the first NZCER national survey of early childhood education services: 2003–2004 Journal article
2007 Can we improve our school governance? Journal article
2007 Taking the pulse of NCEA: Findings from the NZCER National Survey of Secondary Schools 2006 Research report
2007 Snapshot of New Zealand primary schools in 2007 - some key findings from the NZCER national survey Research report
2007 School governance in New Zealand - How is it working? Research report
2007 Provision of early childhood education services and parental perceptions Research report
2007 First NZCER national survey of early childhood education services: 2003-2004 Research report
2004 National survey of secondary schools 2003 Research report