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Assessment Support Webinars

Ongoing Webinars  

These webinars can be used for whole school staff meetings, senior leadership teams,
AP/DP/Principals or 1 - 1  

On invitation, schools LOGIN remotely with the NZCER Education Adviser and can share and discuss a presentation. If the school is subscribed to NZCER Marking, discussions can centre around their own data.

The $50 fee is per webinar and irrespective of numbers.

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Focused inquiry: Making the data you gather work for what you need for the senior Leadership Support

This is the most common topic for advice as schools are moving away from just doing what they've always done because they really want to gather data that will feed a focused inquiry to meet an identified need in both improving learning AND teaching.

SUPPORT - 1hr webinar with the senior leadership team to tease out the focus for 2016 and decide on what data will be the best


$50 per school Contact:
Building Teacher Capability for senior Leadership/HOD Support

 In discussion, we focus what the SLT know about the teachers and students in their school and what they feel their greatest challenge is in improving instruction.

SUPPORT - 1 hr webinar that challenges the systems that support knowing what teachers need and it looks at ways to use the PAT data to start conversations in the identified area - real data - real people - relevant results.


$50 per school Contact:
Differentiating testing for well below and well above students for senior Leadership/HOD Support

 PATs are brilliant diagnostic tests of average progression through the curriculum. When students are working well above or well below their expected level, you must choose alternative tests.  Read more on how to Choose the appropriate test.

SUPPORT - 1hr webinar getting help to understand the scale score to measure position and progress is critical to following a individual student's/yearlevel, school-wide pathway for learning. Ihr webinar to understand the scale, differentiating testing, organising the NZCERMarking site to accommodate using different tests for the same year level

1hr $50 per school Contact:

Turning PATs on their head for all school staff

Whole staff meetings are tuning in to learn  new ways  for using the PAT/STAR data effectively as they realise they have only been using a percentage of the data they could to improve learning and teaching.

SUPPORT - 1hr interactive webinar that brings new and crucial information to teachers and ensures all levels of the school understand the diagnostic depth of progressions of learning inherent in each test and in every single question

1hr $50 per school Contact:
Me & My School Standardised test for the front of the curriculum?    Key competencies the focus of data to improve learning and teaching?  Find out about this norm-referenced survey of student engagement based on Frederick's research. This look at student agency - does the learner want to learn. 30mins $25 per school Contact:

Wellbeing@School and Inclusive Practices Tools Webinars 

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Introduction to Wellbeing@school #1


This webinar will introduce schools to the Wellbeing@school website and process, highlighting the depth and support framework that comes with the surveys. Schools will view reports, including the ethnicity and gender data, and the scale descriptors which provide progressions of  school wellbeing offering next steps.


free Contact:

Introduction to Wellbeing@school #2 - For SLTs/SENCOS/RTLBs


The above webinar will be repeated in school time for SLTs/SENCOS/RTLBs.


free Contact:

Introduction to the Inclusive Practices Tools (IPT)


The IPT allows schools to survey the whole community, including parents, and examines whether all students are supported to take part in all aspects of school life. This webinar will introduce schools to the website, the process and areas of school and family life that are surveyed, and explain the clear, helpful reports that identify next steps. 30min free Contact:

Heads Up! Reporting and analysis


Learn fast, efficient ways to use the scale score to read the Wellbeing@School and IPT reports and ‘drill down’ into specific areas of subject learning and specific cohorts, to ensure interventions and strategies you choose in your school are backed up by relevant evidence. Schools can work with our Education Adviser using case studies to examine practical and purposeful ways to use the data and give it meaning for school contexts. There will be Q & A time for participants.

1hr$50 + GST per school