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NMSSA 2018 reports on Social Studies and Maths released

The National Monitoring Study of Student Achievement (NMSSA), is an annual programme to assess and understand student achievement across the curriculum in Years 4 and 8 in English-medium schools.  NMSSA is a collaboration between NZCER and the Educational Assessment Research Unit (EARU) of the University of Otago, on contract to the Ministry of Education. 

The latest study reports released in December 2019 on the Ministry of Education's Education Counts website are:

These reports are supplemented by summary reports for teachers and principals, a technical information report and an online interactive statistical app (Data Window).  These reports and the Data Window app can be found on the NMSSA website.

Early next year reports for teachers focused on curriculum insights generated from the assessment of mathematics and statistics, and social studies, will also be available on the NMSSA website.



19 December 2019