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Toitū certification a massive step forward for NZCER

NZCER is honoured to have received the carbonreduce certification from Toitū - the first step on a fantastic journey over the coming months and years.  

This certification acknowledges that our emissions over the last few years have been measured to ISO 14064-1:2018, and that we have committed to continue managing and reducing our emissions to the world-leading Toitū requirements.  

An independent evaluator will review our emissions on an annual basis, holding us accountable to our commitment in 2022 and beyond.  

Essentially, the carbonreduce certification is an opening marker – a baseline of what our emissions are, so that we can reduce them year on year and evolve our collective climate action.  

"Good things take time," adds NZCER's Amanda Moala (a driving force behind this work), "and this is an exciting marker on the journey to reducing NZCER's footprint - in terms of both work we've done so far, and our work that lies ahead." 

As an education sector organisation, we think it is important to walk the talk. We’re putting into practice what we’ve learned from our ongoing research on education policy and practice for a changing climate, including a recent pilot project about schools’ carbon footprinting

With schools now included in the Carbon Neutral Government Programme, we expect there will be growing interest in this space. If you would like to receive updates from our climate change education research, you can do so here.