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Shadow education as an emerging focus in worldwide curriculum studies; How “tight/loose” curriculum dynamics impact the treatment of knowledge in two national contexts; School libraries and librarians in New Zealand secondary school curriculum planning
and delivery; A conversation with Tamsin Hanly; Second-language learning and teaching; Political indoctrination through myth building: The New Zealand School Journal at the time of World War 1

18 December 2018


The influence of Frozen; Pedagogical strategies that support young children’s civic action; Pedagogical dialogues with 2 year olds in “preschool” settings: What do they look like?; Using puppets to support children’s prosocial thinking and action; Navigating the complexity of tree climbing in early childhood education Early childhood teacher health and wellbeing

14 December 2018


Special issue: Learning through Play and Games

12 December 2018


In this issue: markers of personalisation; lessons from Chinese international students at risk of not achieving; untangling constructivism, knowledge, and knowledge-building for ‘future-oriented’ teaching; developing mathematical inquiry communities; using collaborative inquiry to examine equity-linked problems of practice; pedagogical scaffolding; SOLO taxonomy; Exciting innovations for assessment in Aotearoa New Zealand

3 October 2018


In this issue: teacher experiences with summative assessment when working with grades 7 to 9 students using one-to-one Pads; 
classroom assessment as a reciprocal practice to develop students’ agency; assessment of student teachers on practicum; 
sustaining assessment for learning by valuing partnerships; revitalisation, relationships, resources: Assessment 3Rs for New Zealand teachers.

1 October 2018


A resource for teachers wanting to teach about resilience, mental health, interpersonal skills, and wellbeing. 

2 August 2018


30 July 2018


This two-volume book is about goal setting, making plans to write, the skills of writing, and the joys of writing—more or less in that sequence.

9 July 2018


24 May 2018


A practical resource for using the “Science Capabilities” for curriculum planning

20 February 2018