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PTS Assessments

The ASK-KIDS Inventory for Children provides a profile of children’s self-concept in relation to a diverse set of physical, cognitive, and social activities. It includes self-concept in 10 areas: Reading Number Drawing Friends Communication Individuality Belonging Movement... more
The MYAT is designed as a test of general ability, covering numeracy, literacy, and nonverbal ability. It comprises 75 multiple-choice items: Numeracy — 25 items which provide information about the extent to which a student can exercise basic numeracy skills, is a discriminating and... more
This test is designed to provide information about a student's ability to learn new concepts and understand new ideas across a range of subjects. The assessment content covers vocabulary, logical verbal reasoning, relationships between words, and symbol manipulation using letters and numbers.... more
To assess the usage and helpfulness of a range of general and specific coping strategies. The Adolescent Coping Scale – Second Edition (ACS-2) is an important research, clinical and educational instrument designed to support young people when examining their own coping behaviour. Updated to... more