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ASEBA Semi-structured Clinical Interview for Children and Adolescents (SCICA)

The SCICA maximises the value of interviews with a flexible user-friendly protocol,  plus forms for interviews to rate their observations as well as a child's self-reports during the interview.

  • The SCICA protocol provides open-ended questions covering children's activities and school performance, peer relations, family relations, self perceptions, feelings and parent/teacher reported problems.
  • Interviewers rate the child on the SCICA Observation and Self-Report Forms.
  • Scored on eight empirically based syndrome scales and six DSM oriented scales.
  • Syndrome Scales: Anxious, Withdrawn/Depressed, Language/Motor problems, Attention problems, Self-Control problems, Anxious/Depressed, Aggressive/Rule-breaking, and Somatic Complaints.
  • DSM Oriented Scales: Affective problems, Anxiety problems, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity problems with Inattention and Hyperactivty-Impulsivity subscales, Oppositional Defiant problems, and Conduct problems.
  • Normed on 686 clinically referred children, with separate profiels for ages 6-11 and 12-18.
  • A training DVD and computer software can help trainees learn SCICA rating procedures by comparing their interview ratings with ratings of experienced interviewers.
  • ADM Module generates computer-scored profiles and narrative reports.
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