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Behavioral and Emotional Rating Scale - Second Edition (BERS-2)

The BERS-2 contains 52 items that measure five aspects of a child's strength:

  • Interpersonal strength
  • Involvement with family
  • Intrapersonal strength
  • Social functioning
  • Affective strength

The BERS-2 can identify the individual behavioural and emotional strengths of children, the areas in which individual strengths need to be developed, and the goals for individual treatment plans. It can be completed by teachers, parents, or anyone knowledgeable about the child.

Test Abbreviation: 
Registration Level: 
5 - 18
Country of origin: 
10 mins (untimed)
Work Area: 

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8028TF BERS-2 Teacher Rating Form (pk 25) $110.40
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8028M BERS-2 Manual $248.40
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8028YF BERS-2 Youth Rating Forms 11-18 (pk 25) $110.40