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Coping Scale for Adults - Second Edition (CSA-2)

The Coping Scale for Adults - Second Edition (CSA-2) is designed to assess the usage and helpfulness of a range of coping strategies in adults. It is an important research, clinical and educational instrument, which supports people while examining their own coping behaviour. The CSA has been updated to measure coping strategies in both general and specific situations and assesses 20 distinct coping strategies.

Key features:

  • Helps adults to assess, reflect on and develop their own coping skills
  • Measures an individual's use of various coping behaviours and their effectiveness
  • The Long Form has been streamlined from 74 to 60 items
  • Simplified scoring and interpretation
Test Abbreviation: 
Registration Level: 
Adults (18 +)
Country of origin: 
ACER Press
Long Form: 20-30 Minutes; Short Form: 10-15 Minutes
Work Area: 

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80682AK CSA-2 Assessment Kit $290.00
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80682LFQ CSA-2 Long Form Questionnaire (Pk 10) $95.00
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80682SP CSA-2 Long Form Score Sheet and Profile Sheet (Pk 10) $35.00