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Teacher Observation Scales

The Teacher Observation Scales are designed for identifying children with special abilities. Students who are borderline gifted and talented, puzzling, unknown, new to the school, enigmatic, and/or who display intermittent signs of unusual ability, should be rated by these scales.

There are five scales, comprising between 8 and 13 statements:

The Learning Characteristics scale comprises such behaviours as:

  • easily grasps underlying principles
  • problem-finds as well as problem-solves.

The Social Leadership Characteristics scale is made up of behaviours such as:

  • actively seeks leadership in social situations
  • communicates well with others

The Creative Thinking Characteristics scale contains such behaviours as :

  • is not afraid to be different
  • produces original ideas

The Self-Determination Characteristics scale is defined by behaviours such as:

  • pushes teachers and adults for explanations
  • is sceptical  of authorisation pronouncements

The Motivational Characteristics scale includes behaviours such as:

  • is highly motivated
  • sets personal goals
  • and tends to be self-critical and evaluative.
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