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Test for Auditory Comprehension of Language - Fourth Edition

The TACL-4 is designed to assess receptive spoken language including vocabulary, grammar and syntax. It measures a child’s ability to understand vocabulary (including the meanings of nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs), grammatical morphemes and elaborated phrases and sentences. Responses are made by pointing, no oral response is required.

New Features Include:

  • New normative data
  • Extended age range to include ages 10.0 to 12.11
  • Updated basel and ceiling rules
  • Items have been re-evaluated and any potentially biased items removed
  • Co-normed with the Test of Expressive Language (TEXL)


Test Abbreviation: 
Registration Level: 
3.0 to 12.11
20-30 minutes

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83824C TACL-4 Complete Kit $950.00
83824M TACL-4 Examiners Manual $255.00
83824RB TACL-4 Record Book (Pk 15) $195.00