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Registering with PTS

We ask you to register before purchasing assessments

The psychometric assessments we supply are sourced from international test publishers who restrict the use of the assessments to appropriately qualified individuals.


We want to ensure you have the necessary qualifications and experience to use and interpret these assessments in an accurate and professional manner. When you are registered you will be assigned a level appropriate to your qualifications and experience.


For more information download the information pack about our registration levels. Please take time to understand our Professional Obligations and the sale terms and conditions on the last page.

Registering takes two steps

Registration requires a user account with NZCER. That means giving your email address and creating a password. Your registration will be linked to your user account.


Once logged in, you need to submit a registration form with PTS and provide information about yourself and your qualifications. There is space to upload scans of qualifications and academic transcripts. We may contact you to ask for more information or different forms of evidence. We can not register people who are unable to provide evidence of their qualifications and (if necessary) academic transcripts.


Once you have submitted your registration form and the appropriate documents, we will assess your qualifications and advise you on whether you meet the requirements for a registration level. If you do not currently meet the requirements for registration, we can advise on what additional training or qualifications may required to gain registration.

Registration levels by work area

Our clients who are registered with PTS are grouped under the work area(s) most relevant to their scope of practice. There are two work areas: Psychology and Education. Within each work area there are three ascending levels of registration: A, B and C. Each level includes the ones below it, e.g. a person at Level C is also a Level A and B within their work area.

To purchase products from us you must be registered in its work area at the required level. For example, the ASEBA CBCL School Age forms are rated as Level B (Psychology/Education). To purchase these you must be at a Level B or higher within either the Psychology or Education work area.

Professional Obligations

NZCER supplies tests only to an appropriately qualified person on the understanding that:

  • Every precaution should be taken to ensure the confidentiality of tests and test scores.
  • Access to test materials must be limited to qualified persons with a responsible, professional interest who agree to safeguard their use.
  • Test users are asked to report the unauthorised use of tests and urged to protect the value of tests by keeping all components securely stored so they will not become available to unauthorised persons.
  • NZCER’s interpretation of the Privacy Act 1993 is that candidates are entitled to know, if they so request, all scores relating to their personal test performances. Our strong recommendation is that the release of test scores should be accompanied by sufficient interpretive detail to enable the client to understand the scores provided.
  • Registered test purchasers are expected to purchase and use tests according to the following guidelines:
    • The Code of Ethics for Psychologists Working in Aotearoa New Zealand 2002
    • Guidelines on the use of Psychometric Tests, prepared by the New Zealand Psychologists board
    • The Treaty of Waitangi, Tiriti o Waitangi
  • Approval to purchase may be withheld or withdrawn if there is any violation of these principles.