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We carry out a wide range of evaluations and we provide strategic advice on evaluation for clients wanting to shape their education work. We bring to our evaluation work a deep knowledge of education pedagogy, expertise across a range of education areas, and the latest thinking on assessment.

Our strengths include:

  • Well established relationships and networks in the education sector
  • The ability to bring together large qualitative and quantitative teams
  • Experience with mixed methodologies and utilisation-focused approaches
  • Kaupapa Māori evaluation and monitoring approaches

NZCER also has its own educational tools and resources which can be used in evaluations, including:

  • Assessment tools that can be used to track student learning
  • Surveys such as student engagement, student wellbeing and educational leadership.

We also develop evaluative tools to suit the needs of clients.

We have thought a lot about our approach over many evaluations and have developed some guiding principles. Key among these are:

Quality - we have robust ethics processes and quality assurance guidelines

Building capability - we work alongside clients to strengthen their evaluative capability

Knowledge generation - we want our evaluations to generate knowledge for the organisation and also contribute to the knowledge base across and beyond the education sector.

You can read more in our evaluation brochure.