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Evaluation of the model for Engineering e2e

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Getting alignment in education-to-employment (e2e) systems is challenge for many countries trying to support young people into careers and meet workforce development demands.  

In New Zealand Engineering e2e is a field-specific e2e initiative. It has been running since 2014, with the goal of increasing engineering graduates by 500+ per annum by 2017.

The steering group that guides Engineering e2e has engaged NZCER to evaluate the way in which it acts as a model of systems integration. NZCER will also consider what can be learned that might apply to Engineering e2e in future, or to e2e projects in other fields.

Evaluation of the model for Engineering e2e project publications:

Year published Title Publication type
2018 Engineering e2e: A summary Research summary
2018 Engineering e2e: An evaluation Research report