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Information and communication technologies

NZCER's ICT (Information and communication technologies) work

Recent Information and communication technologies research publications

Author(s): Cathy Wylie and Jo MacDonald

Learning with digital technologies - findings from the NZCER 2019 National survey of English-medium primary schools

Research report - 2020
Author(s): Rachel Bolstad, Cathy Buntting

This discussion document was developed in 2013 to support teachers and others to engage with findings from the e-in-science research project, carried out by the University of Waikato and the New Zealand Council for Educational Research under contract to the Ministry of Education.

Professional learning resource - 2013
Secondary schools in 2012
Author(s): Cathy Wylie

Secondary schools in 2012 is the latest from NZCER's national survey series.

The survey draws on responses from 177 secondary school principals and from hundreds of teachers, parents and members of boards of trustees. The survey was carried out in July and August 2012. It is part of a national survey series conducted by NZCER since 1989 to track issues and trends across the education system.

There are many positives in the findings but they also highlight persistent concerns about funding levels, workload, support and access to reliable technology.


Research report - 2013
Author(s): Rachel Bolstad and Jane Gilbert
Literature review - 2006
Author(s): Rachel Bolstad and Magdalene Lin
Professional learning resource - 2009
Author(s): Sue McDowall
Book chapter - 2010
Author(s): Rachel Bolstad and Magdalene Lin
Research report - 2009
Author(s): Pauline Waiti

Research report - 2005
Author(s): Alex Neill and Teresa Maguire
Research report - 2006
Author(s): Sally Boyd
Research report - 1998
Author(s): Rachel Bolstad, with Jane Gilbert, Karen Vaughan, Charles Darr, and Garrick Cooper
Research report - 2006