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It’s Time: Transformational timetabling practices

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This project builds on work completed by NZCER for the Productivity Commission on Subject Choice for the Future of Work. A finding from the focus groups for the Productivity Commission project was that some schools are making innovative changes to their timetables in an effort to increase student choice, enable access to both vocational and academic pathways, and support transformative change in teaching and learning practices. We found that participants at the focus groups were also keen to hear ideas about timetabling innovations that had been tried by others.   

This project investigates innovative timetabling practices. We will also explore the opportunities or challenges of working with these innovative timetables during the Covid-19 lockdown period, and whether this experience has led to further innovation or adaption.  

The project will create case studies of schools that have innovated with their timetables to support transformational changes to teaching and learning. 


Does your school have an innovative approach to timetabling?

If you think your school would make a good case study for this research, please complete the survey link below. Once we have reviewed all expressions of interest, we will get in touch with your named key contact person to provide further information about your participation in the project.  

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It’s Time: Transformational timetabling practices project publications:

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2021 It's time: Transformational timetabling practices Research report