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NZCER's Educational policy; structure and systems work

Recent Policy research publications

Author(s): Rosemary Hipkins, Sue McDowall

A 2020 report prepared for the Ministry of Education. 

Research report - 2020
Author(s): Rachel Bolstad

How can education in Aotearoa New Zealand respond to climate change? 

Research report - 2020
Author(s): Cathy Wylie, Jacky Burgon, Hilary Ferral, Edith Hodgen
Research report - 2011
Author(s): Cathy Wylie, Jo MacDonald, Renee Tuifagalele

The Post Primary Teachers’ Association (PPTA) asked the New Zealand Council for Educational Research (NZCER) to provide an overview of the research literature on barriers and supports for women to succeed in secondary school leadership.

Literature review - 2020
Author(s): Cathy Wylie, Sue McDowall, and Hilary Ferral

The Teaching, School, and Principal Leadership Practices Survey tool (TSP) was available for free school use for the second consecutive year in 2018. It was used by 265 schools that wanted an evidence base for understanding and developing their practices for the benefit of students. 

This report gives the aggregate picture for those schools. Compared with the national school picture, schools using the TSP included fewer small, rural, decile 1–2 schools, and schools with high Māori enrolment. 

There is considerable variability between schools, but overall, school characteristics did not seem to be playing a strong role. This suggests that aspects that are challenging require system-wide support.

Research summary - 2019
Author(s): Maraea Hunia, Basil Keane, Nicola Bright, Helen Potter, Kiwa Hammond, and Ropata Ainsley
Research report - 2018
Author(s): Melanie Berg

This report describes sampling and analysis details for the NZCER national survey of primary and intermediate schools 2016, as well as respondent characteristics and characteristics of the schools with which respondents are associated. It supports the individual thematic reports that use the 2016 National Survey data.

Research report - 2017
Author(s): Jo MacDonald, Eliza Stevens
Research report - 2017
Author(s): Cathy Wylie and Linda Bonne

This is a comprehensive picture of the current experiences and challenges for secondary schools in New Zealand. It presents the findings from NZCER's national survey of secondary schools, conducted in July and August 2015.  It includes the perspectives of principals, teachers, parents and board of trustee members on a wide range of issues.

Research report - 2016
Author(s): Research team

This is the submission from NZCER's Research team on the Update of the Education Act. It draws on NZCER's deep expertise, particularly in curriculum and assessment, school leadership and governance, and future-focussed education, to respond to the discussion document. 

Paper - 2015
Author(s): Cathy Wylie and Linda Bonne

This report presents the main findings from the NZCER national survey of primary and intermediate schools, which was conducted in July and August, 2013.

Research report - 2014
Secondary schools in 2012
Author(s): Cathy Wylie

Secondary schools in 2012 is the latest from NZCER's national survey series.

The survey draws on responses from 177 secondary school principals and from hundreds of teachers, parents and members of boards of trustees. The survey was carried out in July and August 2012. It is part of a national survey series conducted by NZCER since 1989 to track issues and trends across the education system.

There are many positives in the findings but they also highlight persistent concerns about funding levels, workload, support and access to reliable technology.


Research report - 2013
Author(s): Sally Robertson

This research report is the part of a series looking at principal vacancies advertised in the Education Gazette, and contains data on 2009 and 2010 vacancies. It includes analysis of a  follow-up survey which asked boards of trustees about the applicants, the appointment and the destinations of the departing principals.

Research report - 2011
Author(s): Karen Vaughan
Journal article - 2002
Early Childhood Education for a Democratic Society: Conference Proceedings, 2001
Author(s): Bev Webber and Linda Mitchell (Eds.)
Conference proceedings - 2001
Author(s): Cathy Wylie
Journal article - 1998
Author(s): Cathy Wylie
Conference paper - 2006
Trading Choices: Young people's career decisions and gender segregation in the trades
Author(s): Josie Roberts, Ben Gardiner, Jane Gilbert, and Karen Vaughan
Research report - 2008
Author(s): Linda Mitchell, Arapera Royal Tangaere, Diane Mara and Cathy Wylie
Research report - 2006