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New knowledges and new ways of knowing: Implications and opportunities

Jane Gilbert

Over the last five years or so we have heard a great deal about 'the knowledge society'. Although it is widely discussed, this idea is not well-understood. Closely connected with it has been the development of an entirely new meaning for 'knowledge'. This development has obvious implications for educationists.

An outline of some of the ideas that are associated with the 'knowledge society'. These ideas have strengths and weaknesses when looked at from the point of view of their likely impact on our education system. These developments, should be seen, not as a threat to everything we value in our education system, but as an opportunity to 'think outside the square' with respect to some of education's most long-standing and intractable problems - specifically, those that are referred to in the Ministry of Education's current mission statement 'raising achievement and reducing disparity'.

In 'Education for the 21st Century: Rethinking the educational outcomes we want for young New Zealanders' - NZCER Conference Proceedings. Edited by Bev Webber. 8 August 2003. p. 15-31.

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Jane Gilbert