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Wellbeing at School Building a safe and caring school climate that deters bullying

Sally Boyd

This paper has two main purposes. The first is to provide an overview of the literature to anchor the development of the Wellbeing@School website and tools in up-to-date evidence and practice. The second purpose is to act as a reference document from which content for the website can be developed. 

It is not intended that the content of this paper will be presented on the Wellbeing@School website in its current format. It will be adapted and condensed into smaller, stand-alone sections. Overall, the intended audience for this content is school leaders. Much of the content in this paper is aimed at providing information that could support school leaders to make decisions about the processes and approaches they could use at their school. Each section includes a summary of the main points, a discussion, examples of approaches or practices, and suggestions for possible weblinks or additional readings.

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NZCER Ministry of Education’s Positive Behaviour for Learning
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