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Sandy Robbins

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Researcher/Resource Developer

Sandy Robbins is a researcher and resource developer, and has also held a position at NZCER as a Support and Data analyst. Her areas of interest are in Science education and resource design.

At NZCER Sandy is involved in:

  • The creation of the new STwE (Junior) assessment as Project Leader;
  • ARB resource developer;
  • LEOTC;
  • National monitoring science assessment development;
  • Project work – Review of Science Engagement survey and senior STwE as Project Leader

Before NZCER Sandy was a Secondary school science teacher and health promotion coordinator. She holds a BSC (Hons), Post grad Certificate in Health Promotion, Diploma in Teaching.

Sandy has co-authored an article on the Science Engagement survey with Rosemary Hipkins, which was published in set 2015:1 called Science Engagement Survey – A new tool for primary science.