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Sue McDowall

Job Title: 
Senior Researcher

Sue McDowall is a Senior Researcher at NZCER.

The research themes she is interested in are:

  • Literacy
  • Curriculum and assessment
  • Schooling for the future
  • Key Competencies
  • Implementing New Zealand Curriculum
  • Assessment tools

Research outputs

Year published Title Publication type Category
2018 2 How the key competencies evolved over time: Insights from the research Research report Key Competencies
2018 Teaching Practices, School Practices, and Principal Leadership: The first national picture 2017 Research report
2017 Critical literacy and games in New Zealand classrooms Working paper
2016 Implementing inquiry: What can be learned from the Round One Teacher-led Innovation Fund (TLIF) projects? Research report
2015 Literacy research that matters. A review of the school sector and ECE literacy projects Research report Literacy
2014 Curriculum for the Future Professional learning resource Curriculum and assessment PLD for facilitators Professional learning Schooling for the future
2014 Key Competencies for the Future Book Implementing New Zealand Curriculum Key Competencies
2014 Rethinking subject English for the knowledge age Journal article Schooling for the future
2013 Using ICT to develop knowledge-building communities in subject English and the arts Journal article ICT
2012 Deliberate design: An analysis of the 2010–11 School Journals and Teacher Support Materials Research report Literacy
2012 On teaching reading and being a reader Journal article Literacy
2012 Supporting future-oriented learning and teaching - a New Zealand perspective Research report Public understanding of education Schooling for the future
2011 He whānau mātau, he whānau ora: Māori adult literacy and whānau transformation Research report Adult literacy and numeracy Māori and education Te Wāhanga
2011 Literacy teaching and learning for the 21st century - Bridging the theory to practice gap Journal article Literacy
2011 Using multimodal texts to build engagement and achievement in literacy Journal article ICT Literacy Student engagement
2010 Lifelong Literacy: The integration of key competencies and reading Research report
2010 Literacy and eLearning: Possibilities for transformation Book chapter ICT Literacy
2010 Literacy teaching and learning for the 21st century: Bridging the theory to practice gap Journal article Literacy
2010 Literacy teaching and learning in e-Learning contexts Research report Curriculum and assessment ICT Literacy Schooling for the future
2009 Education and enterprise: Learning at the interface Research report Families and communities Schooling for the future Student engagement
2009 NZCER evaluation of the Regional Education for Enterprise (E4E) Clusters Research report
2009 The Research: Reading Recovery in New Zealand and Australia Book chapter Literacy
2008 Education for Enterprise (E4E) 2007 surveys Research report Schooling for the future
2008 Enterprising and future-focused? The first report from the Regional Education for Enterprise Clusters Evaluation Research report
2008 How Well is Reading Recovery Really Working in New Zealand? Reply to Chapman, Greaney and Tunmer Commentary Literacy
2008 Standardised testing: Dilemmas and possibilities Conference paper
2007 Education for enterprise (E4E) research summaries Research summary Schooling for the future
2007 Evaluation of the Literacy Professional Development Project Research report Literacy Student engagement
2007 The case for reading recovery Journal article
2006 Effective use of Reading Recovery in low-decile schools Journal article Literacy
2006 How students interpret poetry: findings from Assessment Resource Banks trials Journal article Curriculum and assessment Literacy
2006 Innovative pathways from school: Taking the first step: Final report Research report
2005 Messages about reading Research report
2005 Planning and managing change: Messages from the Curriculum Innovation Projects Research report Curriculum and assessment
2005 Reading Recovery in New Zealand: Uptake, implementation, and outcomes, especially in relation to Maori and Pasifika students Research report
2004 Innovative pathways from secondary school: Where are the young people now? Conference paper
2004 OPENING UP A NEW WORLD: Reluctant readers' use of The Game and other stories Journal article ICT Literacy Student engagement
2003 Innovative pathways from secondary school: Gaining a sense of direction Conference paper
2003 Playing the game - The impact of classroom use of the CD-ROM 'The Game and other stories' on eleven reluctant readers Research report
2002 Innovative pathways from school: The case studies: Phase 1 report, 2002 Research report
2002 Innovative pathways: The Phase 1 Case Studies Conference paper
2002 Levels-based assessment of writing: Scoring guides from the Assessment Resource Banks Journal article Curriculum and assessment Literacy
2001 Techno magic - whizz or fizz?: The relationship between writing mode, editing process, and writing product Research report
2001 Word processors: drafting, crafting, or presentation tools? Students’ use of computers for writing in two primary schools Journal article Literacy
2000 Techno magic - whizz or fizz?: Students' use of editing tools Conference paper