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Taku Reo Student Survey






Understand student perceptions about the use of te reo Māori

Taku Reo Student Survey is an online research-based survey designed for New Zealand students in English medium from Years 4 to 8.  Some of the research that informed the survey is summarised is this brief report.

Taku Reo can help increase awareness of the student voice about te reo Māori in schools. It gives you a snapshot of your students’ use of te reo Māori at school, at home, and in the community.  

Taku Reo has many benefits   

Using Taku Reo lets students and whānau know that te reo Māori is valued at school, and is a vital part of the curriculum.

Taku Reo is designed as a formative tool for school self-review. The survey can contribute to  revitalisation of the language by prompting:

  • schools to reflect on practice from students' perceptions
  • teachers to think critically about how they teach te reo Māori.

The results of the Taku Reo survey contribute to an evidence base for planning and goal-setting for te reo Māori within schools. You can use your results to:

  • increase visibility of te reo Māori within your school
  • normalise te reo Māori into your school’s planning
  • follow progress of te reo Māori use over time in your school
  • gain an understanding of your students’ perceptions of where te reo Māori is being used.

Te Reo Maori

Te Reo Maori vocabulary assessment tool now also available. Read more here

Subscription is simple 

At this time, the Taku Reo survey is free for schools (usual price $100).

If you don't currently have a subscription to NZCER Assist, head to the NZCER Assist page to subscribe.

If you already have a log in to NZCER Assist, add Taku Reo by going into the Tools section of your account.