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LEMMA Equivalent Proportions

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by Caroline Yoon, Nikki Sullivan and Anne Patel

About LEMMA Maths Tasks: Series 1 Equivalent Proportions

Series 1 Equivalent Proportions includes a warm-up, a set of six tasks and a formative assessment. It is suitable for Year 9 students.

The series includes:

  • a Teacher Manual with questions, answers and notes on each task.
  • a Student Booklet containing information students require for each task. This is a reusable booklet and should not be written in. There should be one booklet for each student in the class.
  • a booklet of Answer Sheets for students to write the answers in. The sheets for each task can be photocopied from the booklet or downloaded for free below.


Warm-task: Rothko PowerPoint (PowerPoint download)

Equivalent Proportions answer sheets (PDF download)

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