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NZCER Marking

NZCER Marking is an online service that enables students to sit NZCER tests online and provides schools with detailed analysis and reporting on student achievement. Schools need to renew their subscriptions annually.

Once subscribed, users can login at NZCER Marking

NZCER's high quality research-based assessments are available in the following subject areas:

  • PAT: Mathematics
  • PAT: Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary
  • PAT: Listening
  • PAT: Punctuation and Grammar
  • Science: Thinking with Evidence (Years 7–10)
  • Junior Science: Thinking with Evidence (Years 4–6)
  • STAR Reading Test 
  • Te Reo Māori (Years 4–9)

Download the NZCER Marking brochure to start a conversation with colleagues about what would work for your school.

About online testing with NZCER Marking

NZCER Marking allows schools the option of administering NZCER assessments through an attractive, easy-to-use online platform.

There are many benefits of online testing. Here are a few advantages:

  • Immediate access to NZCER Marking's range of reports 
  • 100% accuracy in marking
  • More engaging for students
  • Ability to adapt the test platform, such as dyslexia fonts
  • Allows students to sit tests on computers, laptops, and tablets as small as the iPad mini
  • Huge time saving in administration
  • It's cheaper – no need to purchase paper tests or answer sheets

If you are interesting in a demo of any of the online tests, email

Not ready for online testing? No problem. Most of our assessments are still available as paper-based tests. Students need a device to use computer adaptive tests and Junior Science.

Online reporting and analysis

Whether schools decide to use online and paper-based assessments, NZCER Marking gives schools access to a wide range of online reports that analyse achievement at individual, class, school and question level.

We provide a number of options for using NZCER Marking in order to meet the needs of all schools:

  • Online testing: After students sit the tests online, the full range of reports are immediately available to view on NZCER Marking.
  • Manual entry: Schools purchase paper tests and manually enter the results into NZCER Marking. This will then generate the full range of reports.
  • Scanning: Schools purchase paper tests and pay NZCER to scan the answer sheets. They can then log in to NZCER Marking to view the full range of reports.

You can select a combination of options, marking some tests yourself and sending others to us to scan, or sitting some tests online and others on paper.

Cost structure

Schools pay $250.00 for the yearly subscription. Each subject area costs $25.00  – you choose the number of subject areas you require.

Online testing and the scanning service incur additional costs. You can visit our detailed costing page to see exactly how much NZCER Marking will cost based on the number of students and the subject areas you wish to test.

More details on the pricing structure can be found in the NZCER Marking brochure.

For more about this service, call us on (04) 802-1630 or contact

Across-school/CoL reporting feature

All of NZCER’s assessments can provide aggregated reporting using gender, ethnic, and year level analysis. This is both anonymous to individual students and schools, and reports on across-school cohorts - i.e. Year 4 Māori girls.

Possible uses:

  • CoL tracking and monitoring for achievement challenge position and progress through targeted cohorts

  • MST/ALIM teachers working across schools

  • Identifying trends, patterns and strengths in curriculum position and progress

  • Third party, anonymous hard evidence to start new conversations  

We have two advisers, Cathie Johnson and Julie Roberts, who are both accredited PLD facilitators. Cathie is one of the eight NZCER Learning Partners available to work alongside CoL.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss assessment matters further, please contact our Education Advisers at

Terms of use

Read our NZCER Marking Service terms of use

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