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PAT: Listening Comprehension unpacked

PAT: Listening comprehension test components

Teacher manual

The teacher manual contains everything you need to know about the test: its purpose, content, instructions on administering and marking it, and how to measure progress over time. A technical section takes you through the development of the test and includes details on the construction of the PAT:Listening Comprehension scale and norming information. As in PAT:Reading Comprehension, there are seven different scale descriptions—this time analysing and describing the kinds of thinking students do in PAT:Listening.

Teacher scripts

The teacher scripts are your guide as the administrator of the test. They contain the text and questions for each item so that you can follow the recording on the CD. There are three teacher scripts available—one aimed at the tests for all primary schools (whether full or contributing), one for intermediate schools, and one for secondary schools.

Student scripts (also known as test booklets)

The student scripts are the test booklets the students have in front of them during the test. They contain the questions and all the possible answers for each item. Previously teachers were required to read the questions aloud to their students and the questions were not included in the student test booklets. Including these reduces the memory load required of students.

There are two types of student scripts. The first two tests (aimed at Years 3–4) are completed in the booklet, so younger students don’t have the added complication of transferring their answers to an answer sheet. You will need to purchase booklets for every student sitting these tests, whereas the booklets for the tests for the older years can be used many times.

Answer sheets

The answer sheets are used for tests 3–8, aimed at Years 5–10.

Marking key

The marking key is used for hand marking the tests. Marking can also be automated using NZCER’s marking service. See or email The cost of the automated marking is additional to the cost of the test.


There is a CD to go with each test. Each CD is a recording of the test's texts, questions, and possible answers - all read by professional actors in a studio setting. Recordings are also available in MP3 format - email to find out more.  

Starter kits

Find out about starter kits and its components.

Choosing a PAT: Listening Comprehension test

Each of the PAT:Listening Comprehension tests has been designed with a specific year level in mind. However each test can be used productively at two or more year levels: it is for schools to decide which test best suits any particular group of students.
The table below shows the year levels for which each test was developed. The teacher manual contains more information to help you decide which test to use.

School year PAT test level
Year 3 Test 1
Year 4 Test 2
Year 5 Test 3
Year 6 Test 4
Year 7 Test 5
Year 8 Test 6
Year 9 Test 7
Year 10 Test 8

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