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Science: Thinking with Evidence

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New pricing from 1 July 2022

Due to increased printing and shipping costs, the prices of our paper assessment items are increasing from 1 July. The new prices are included in the web pricing and the downloadable order forms. Prices last increased in 2018 and we have tried to keep the increases to a minimum. 

About Science: Thinking with Evidence

The tests are for the assessment of students in year levels 7-10 and identify specific aspects of thinking in science rather than attempting to measure overall achievement in science. They can be used to develop individual profiles that illustrate relative strengths and weaknesses in the domain of using evidence in science.

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  • designed to help teachers interpret science in the New Zealand Curriculum
  • focusses on a key competency, thinking, in the context of science
  • makes explicit links to the Nature of Science strand
  • the Teachers' Manual includes a section that gives suggestions for next learning activities
  • achievement on each test can be reported on a common measurement scale

Recommended Year Levels for each test

Test Number Recommended Year Levels
1 7 & 8
2 7 & 8
3 9 & 10
4 9 & 10

Ordering paper tests

Tests can only be purchased by schools, registered teachers, or parents/caregivers of homeschooled children with a current exemption certificate.  

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Support and Advice

Our science team has collated a list of queries from schools; download: Frequently Asked Questions.

Head to our Support and Advice page for details on contacting our Assessment Services team or Education Advisers. They can provide a range of ongoing assessment support and advice to schools about the use of this test or others, including possible workshops, next steps, and conversations around making sense of your school assessment.

The Assessment Services team also provide advice directly related to the NZCER Assist service (subscriptions, setup, technical, data and reports).

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