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Smart Writer

NZCER Smart Writer is a fun, interactive online learning tool for writers of all ages and stages. We have developed it from the award-winning MY Access!® instructional writing programme for the New Zealand context.

NZCER Smart Writer is web-based so it offers anytime, anywhere access for students, teachers, administrators, and families. It helps students improve their critical and analytical writing skills by walking them through the writing process and providing them with instant assignment scoring and detailed feedback. 

About Smart Writer

NZCER Smart Writer is suitable for a wide range of writers from Year 5 to adult.

Potential uses include:

  • Primary school – for extension activities
  • Secondary school – for extension and self-directed student support
  • Tertiary level learning– for self-directed student support
  • It can be used in the home and to support students doing online courses.  Pricing is per student to make it affordable for families and there are packages available for schools and institutions.

How does it work?

Writers can choose from a number of practice prompt topics based on the course the administrator has created. Students write to these prompts and can submit their writing and receive immediate feedback.  The online learning environment Smart Writer provides includes:

  • A range of narrative, persuasive and informative writing prompts
  • Four stages of prompts
  • Two levels of customised feedback for writers
  • Customised course creation functionality
  • A range of tools and resources including proofreader and dictionary

NZCER Smart Writer provides students with clear revision plans and examples to help them focus revision activities based on their strengths and weaknesses.

Using NZCER Smart Writer in the classroom

NZCER Smart Writer does not provide curriculum-level scores but it does complement the New Zealand Curriculum documents, including the literacy learning progressions and the writing standards. The key concepts it covers are compatible with the curriculum documents and with assessment tools such as e-asTTle writing.

Smart Writer prompts cover the following writing purposes: to narrate, to persuade and to inform (which encompasses writing to describe and to explain).  These purposes are also covered by e-asTTle writing. 

For example, a teacher might have pinpointed through an e-asTTle writing assessment, that some students need to focus on organisation of ideas.  The teacher could set these students a Smart Writer task and direct them to work carefully through the relevant section. Or  you might decide to have a whole class focus on writing for a specific purpose, such as to persuade.  Students could use Smart Writer to reinforce classroom work through independent practice.  EasTTle writing could then be used to check students’ understanding and pinpoint areas for further development.

How to subscribe

You can sign up for a free 10 day trial now. This gives you access to one teacher code and up to five students, to give you a real sense of how the tool works. 

Contact us at

Subscription cost

NZCER Smart Writer costs $50.00 (incl GST) per student for a 12 month subscription.

Bulk orders for 30 students or more are priced at $30.00 per student.

If you sign up for a trial and want to continue, your 12 month subscription can begin immediately and you can retain any data gathered during your trial.

For further information contact