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Supplementary Spelling Assessments (SSpA)

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Due to increased printing and shipping costs, the prices of our paper assessment items are increasing from 1 July. The new prices are included in the web pricing and the downloadable order forms. Prices last increased in 2018 and we have tried to keep the increases to a minimum. 


About Supplementary Spelling Assessments SSpA

The Supplementary Spelling Assessments SSpA are designed to augment the assessments of spelling that teachers make on the basis of how, and how well, children spell in their writing. By helping teachers test a range of spelling skills that may not always be evident in writing, the SSpA will broaden and supplement writing-based assessments of students' spelling. The tests are for Years 4-8. They may also be used for Year 9 and Year 10 students who are making slower progress with their spelling.


Part 1: Achievement and Progress Assessments

When they are fully utilised, results and information from Part 1 include:

  • progress in spelling performance via the SSpA scale
  • comparative achievement against national norms
  • progress through a developmental sequence for written spelling.

Part 2: Diagnostic Assessments

  • SSpA Part 2 has six subtests.
  • They are recommended generally for use with students from Year 5 and above who are making significantly slower progress or displaying significant weakness in the skills covered by the range of subtests.
  • There are two packs of diagnostic assessments.
  • There are no additions to Part 2: Diagnostic Assessments because they can be used with Year 7-8 students in their present form.

Ordering paper tests

Tests can only be purchased by schools, registered teachers, or parents/caregivers of homeschooled children with a current exemption certificate. 

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Support and Advice

NZCER has a team of people able to provide a range of ongoing assessment support and advice to schools.

For advice about the use of this test or others, including possible workshops, next steps and conversations around making sense of your school assessment, head to our Support and Advice page or contact our Education Adviser (details at the top right of this page).

We can also provide advice directly related to the NZCER Marking Service (subscriptions, setup, technical, data and reports).