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Te Reo Māori is an adaptive test

This te reo Māori assessment is an online adaptive test. It can be administered at any time during the school year.

The assessment draws on a bank of questions written to represent levels 1, 2, and 3 of Te Aho Arataki Marau mō Te Ako i Te Reo Māori— Te Reo Māori Curriculum Guidelines.

Students will be asked 30 questions.


A computer adaptive test (CAT) adapts to student responses

A CAT continuously adapts as each student is doing the assessment, giving each student questions that match the level of achievement they are demonstrating. This means your students won't be given all the available questions in the item bank and they won't see the same questions as each other.

A student who gets the initial question correct is  given a harder question. If  a student gives an incorrect response,  they're given an easier question.

This creates a personalised assessment for each student and one that can be reported on individually while using the same scale for everyone (in this assessment, the trm scale).

Student achievement can be tracked over time and data can be explored for further teaching and learning opportunities.

All students start with questions at the same level

At the start the assessment gives all students questions that are the same difficulty level.  These questions begin at a basic level and are suitable for Year 4-9 students in English- medium classes. The assessment progresses by selecting questions from the bank according to how each student has answered previous questions. Students who answer the first questions correctly will quickly move on to harder questions. The computer tries to give every student an assessment where they score about 60% of questions correctly.

In this assessment, students respond to a range of question types (multichoice, drag and drop, and hotspot) that are presented in either written and/or visual forms. All questions have supporting audio. Some questions ask students to identify English words, phrases, or sentences from te reo Māori; some questions ask for the reverse. Some involve te reo Māori in the question and answer. All instructions are in English.

Example 1:

Example question of the te reo Maori assessment

Example 2: 

Example question of the te reo Maori assessment