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Assessment Resource Banks (ARBs)

Workshops for leadership and teachers in primary and secondary schools

The ARBs are over 2700 curriculum-based assessment resources in English, Mathematics, and Science at Levels 1-5 of the New Zealand Curriculum.

How can ARBs be used effectively to support teaching and learning?  

How can ARBs be used as a diagnostic tool?

This one-hour workshop will take you through the ARB website. The workshop will help you:

  • set up and use your teacher account
  • explore the different task formats
  • make a collection of assessment resources using My Folder
  • search effectively
  • share online resources with your students
  • view students results online
  • use the tasks to support learning

Who will benefit from this workshop?
Teachers, across-school and in-school leaders

You can register as an individual for a scheduled workshop, or contact us to register your school or Kāhui Ako for a workshop:

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