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Assessment tool introduction

How can NZCER assessment tools support teaching and learning
in primary and secondary schools?

These one-hour workshops give an overview of a specific NZCER assessment tool. Each workshop focuses on one of our assessment tools. You’ll become familiar with the reports available in the tool and how to use the information to support teaching and learning.

The workshop will help you:

  • understand the tool construct (i.e. concept progression, question types)
  • select an appropriate test (i.e. how to differentiate assessments)
  • understand stanines and scale scores and how assessment results relate to the New Zealand Curriculum
  • explore the range of reports and see how this information can support teaching and learning
  • connect with the Assessment Resource Banks (ARBs)

Who will benefit from these workshops?
Teachers, leaders (principal, senior leaders, curriculum leaders and HODs), Kāhui Ako leaders (across school and
in-school leaders)

You can register as an individual for a scheduled workshop, or contact us to register your school or Kāhui Ako for a workshop:

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