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Build leadership assessment capability

Use your school's data to improve teaching practice

How can school leaders develop a focused school-wide inquiry that is meaningful to staff and will lead to improved teaching practice?

These workshops are for leaders in primary and secondary schools, Kāhui Ako and clusters. Before the workshop, our advisers will complete a snapshot analysis of the assessment or survey you choose.

Learn new ways to use your own data to identify:

  • the assets, supports and strengths your school brings to the inquiry
  • the particular link between teaching practice and student outcomes that requires improvement

Find trends and patterns in your data

In this workshop you will be guided through your current and/or longitudinal data to investigate the trends and patterns within your assessment or survey data. 

The workshop will help you:

  • use your data to validate your proposed inquiry or improvement strategy
  • challenge your assumptions of the areas of strength and professional needs of your teachers
  • track cohorts for learning progress between timepoints—ethnicities, gender, and year levels in individual schools or using Kāhui Ako-wide collated data

Who will benefit from this workshop?     

Leaders (principal, senior leaders, curriculum leaders and HODs), Kāhui Ako leaders (across school and in-school leaders)

Cost for a school, Kāhui Ako, or cluster workshop: $195 + GST per hour

Please read the terms and conditions.