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Data snapshot

Workshop for leadership in primary and secondary schools

How well are you using assessment data about mathematics, science, and reading to improve teaching and learning in your school?

Are you clear about how to use your analysis reports to track cohorts? Or identify areas of strength and development to align your professional learning needs with student needs?

In this workshop you will be supported to use current and longitudinal data to investigate the health of both teaching and learning.

The workshop will help you:

  • gain a ‘big picture’ sense of curriculum strength and areas that require teacher development
  • use longitudinal data to make conclusions about the success of recent initiatives
  • track cohorts for learning progress between timepoints - ethnicities, gender, and year levels
  • use the data to test your assumptions about the the teaching and learning of the subject in your school

Who will benefit from this workshop?     
Leaders (principal, senior leaders, curriculum leaders and HODs), Kāhui Ako leaders (across school
and in-school leaders)

Timeframe: 1 hour using ‘Go-to-Meeting’

Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive a link and instructions on how to join the workshop from your screen. You’ll also receive a reminder message two working days before the workshop.

Cost: $320 + GST

Facilitators: Cathie Johnson and Julie Roberts


To book a school online analysis workshop please email our Education Advisers, Cathie Johnson and Julie Roberts

Cathie Johnson

Cathie Johnson     
ph 04 802 1386



Julie Roberts

Julie Roberts     
ph 04 802 1454



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