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Investigate subject assessment data

 Use data effectively within a subject area

As a staff or team, how can you get the best use from assessment tool data to inform teaching and learning within a curriculum subject area?

This one-hour workshop support leaders and teachers to explore and analyse the reports of NZCER’s assessment tools. Each workshop focuses on a specific tool of your choice. Before the workshop, our advisers will complete a snapshot analysis of the assessment you choose.

The workshop will support planning within your team or school

The facilitated conversation will support participants to interpret the reports and discuss next teaching and learning steps. The workshop is designed as an interactive team, leadership, faculty, or staff meeting.

The workshop will help you:

  • understand stanines and scale scores and how your assessment results relate to The New Zealand Curriculum
  • interpret reports (class, student, and schoolwide)
  • consider the current teaching and learning position
  • understand how your students’ information can support teaching and learning

Who will benefit from these workshops?

Leaders (principal, senior leaders, curriculum leaders and HODs) and teachers, Kāhui Ako leaders (across school and in-school leaders)

Cost: $195 + GST

The workshop is delivered via 'Zoom' and lasts 1 hour. Please read the terms and conditions