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Science engagement survey

About the survey

The Science engagement survey is an online tool to help teachers find out how students perceive their science learning in class. There are two versions of the survey: one for Years 0 to 4 and one for Years 5 to 10.

This tool will give schools rich information about their students’ engagement with science and their perceptions of the learning opportunities that have been provided for them. It provides a useful starting point for designing a science programme that is responsive to students’ interests and needs.

The importance of measuring science engagement

Lately policy-makers have shown a renewed interest in science learning at school. The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment 2014 report A Nation of Curious Minds argues that science and technology are critical for enhancing living standards through economic growth and improving social and environmental outcomes. Making sure more of our young people are competent in science and technology, and want to go on to a career in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)-related jobs, is one of the three specific goals the report identifies.

Use this survey for free

There is no charge at all to use the Science engagement survey. At NZCER we are interested in the sorts of science related learning experiences happening in our primary and early secondary schools. While your school's data will always remain absolutely confidential to your school, over time we will be collecting aggregated data from all schools to obtain a clearer picture of what's happening and where the gaps are. This information will be used to benefit science education in New Zealand. As there is something in it for us we are offering the survey free.

Access this survey from NZCER Marking

If your school is already subscribed to NZCER Marking, it is very straightforward to access the Science engagement Survey. You can simply log in and create a science engagement survey in the same way as you would for any other PAT assessment.

If your school is not subscribed to NZCER Marking you will need to subscribe first, and if you are only subscribing for the Science survey there will be no cost to this.

Read detailed instructions on how to access and administer this survey here

Support and Advice

NZCER has a team of people able to provide a range of ongoing assessment ans survey support and advice to schools.

For advice about the use of this survey, including possible workshops, next steps and conversations, head to our Support and Advice page for details.