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set: Research Information for Teachers



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set: Research Information for Teachers 

  • a well-established research resource for teachers
  • published three times a year
  • fully double-blind peer reviewed
  • each issue contains around nine articles
  • reflects current practices and thinking
  • international editorial board

Editor:   Josie Roberts


ISSN (print): 0110-6376

ISSN (online): 2253-2145 



In this issue:

  • “Every teacher has to come on board for our Māori students”: He wero mō ngā kaiarahi wāhanga ako—the challenge for curriculum leaders
  • Improving engagement and achievement for Year 11 Māori and Pasifika students
  • Developing collaborative connections between schools and Māori communities
  • English-medium schools engaging whānau: Building relationships, creating spaces
  • Reconsidering home learning in the digital learning environment: The perspectives of parents, students, and teachers
  • Student portfolios: Do they have a purpose?
  • Does National Standards reporting help parents to understand their children’s learning?
  • Engagement with learning