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Author(s): Carol Mutch

Beginning a new career as an academic is a daunting task. Carol Mutch’s latest book aims to demystify the process by providing new and intending academics with an insight in what to expect. 

Author(s): Jesse Pirini

Students can make huge gains in academic grades and confidence with the help of peer tutoring. This book provides practical, research-based strategies for anyone wanting to run a peer tutoring programme or to improve their own tutoring practice.

Author(s): Jill Smith

Peter Smith was one of New Zealand’s most influential art educators. During his 50-year career as a well-loved teacher, role model, mentor, and leader in educational policy he elevated the status and value of New Zealand art education to both national and international acclaim.

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Author(s): Scott Klenner, Susan Sandretto

 Literacy once meant reading and writing words on paper. Today’s students need to be able to understand, use and critically analyse many different text types for different purposes in diverse contexts.

This book sets out to support teachers to engage with the theory and practice of critical literacy. The author is an engaging and thoughtful guide through the theory, or "why this chapter is too important to skip," to the practical considerations. These include the tensions between traditional assessment critical literacy ("how do I know what they have learned?") and managing student voice ("when do I get my voice back?").

Planting Seeds is written by  Dr Susan Sandretto, senior lecturer and primary programmes co-ordinator at Otago University's College of Education, with Scott Klenner.

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Author(s): Caterina Murphy, Christopher McMaster

This book is a survival guide to help postgraduates at each stage of their studiesThe editors gave each contributor a simple task: “If you could go back in time to when you started your postgraduate studies, what would you tell your younger, less experienced self? What advice could you give to prospective or current postgraduate students now, with the wisdom of your hindsight?”



Author(s): Rosemary Hipkins

A resource for teachers to take a fresh look at possibilities for building integrated units of learning and assessment.

Author(s): Rachel Bolstad, Rosemary Hipkins

A resource for teachers to take a fresh look at the New Zealand Curriculum key competencies.

Author(s): Edited by Carmen Dalli and Anne Meade

This book brings together work by national and international scholars committed to honouring and building on the work of a passionate educator and lifelong advocate for children: Professor Anne Smith.

Author(s): Angus Macfarlane, Greg Jansen, Jan Daley, Margaret Thorsborne, Mere Berryman, Richard Matla, Sonja Macfarlane, Ted Glynn, Tom Cavanagh, Valerie Margrain, Vijaya Dharan

This book sets out the theory and practice of a range of restorative approaches and shows they can work in schools and early childhood education settings. The editors have drawn together educators and researchers who are experts in their field and who care deeply about students and teachers.

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Author(s): Dominic O’Sullivan, Mere Berryman, Russell Bishop

What is school reform? What makes it sustainable? Who needs to be involved? How is scaling up achieved? This book is about the need for educational reforms that have built into them, from the outset, those elements that will see them sustained in the original sites and spread to others.

Using the Te Kotahitanga Project as a model the authors branch out from the project itself to seek to uncover how an educational reform can become both extendable and sustainable.

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To celebrate 40 years of set: Research Information for Teachers, NZCER Press has published a collection of  16 articles selected from the many hundreds that have been published over the years. Selected by guest editor Marie Cameron, this is not a “best of” compilation but is a collection of some of the articles that have stood out for their originality or influence at the time they were published and remain relevant today. 

Author(s): Cedric Croft
Author(s): Ross Notman

This book, edited by Ross Notman, features case studies of 11 successful New Zealand educational leaders. It is intended as a testimony to their exemplary work and to help aspiring, new and experienced practitioners understand more about their leadership role. The case studies capture the exhilaration of being a leader in different school and early childhood centre settings and they identify key values, attributes and strategies that have enabled these leaders to achieve and maintain success.

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Author(s): Alexandra C. Gunn, Diane Gordon-Burns, Kerry Purdue, Nicola Surtees

Addressing the issue of how teachers and policy makers can work for inclusion with diverse children and families, this book focuses on the development of positive attitudes to difference, diversity and inclusion. It suggests possible ways to reduce and eliminate barriers to learning and participation in early childhood communities. The authors interrogate notions of difference, inclusion and exclusion from the perspectives of Māori and cultural responsiveness, Te Tiriti o Waitangi and biculturalism, interculturalism, gender, sexualities, economic disadvantage, age, religion and disability.

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Author(s): Russell Bishop and Mere Berryman and Janice Wearmouth

This is the inside story of indigenous education success. Te Kotahitanga is a theory based programme that has made a positive difference to the educational experience and achievement of Māori students in mainstream schools in Aotearoa New Zealand. 

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Author(s): Agnes McFarland rāua ko Taiarahia Black

Ko te uhi o tēnei pukapuka Te Mauri o Te Whare he mea hanga, he mea whakarite kia aro ki te takoto, piri tahi ki ngā kōrero o tua, ki ngā kōrero o tēnei ao kikokiko. Ko ngā wāhanga katoa o tēnei uhi he rite tōna āhua ki te tīpuna whare. This is collection of essays pertaining to Māori teaching, learning, place, history and literature.



Author(s): Edited by Rebecca Jesson; Aaron Wilson; Stuart McNaughton; and Mei Lai

A collection of studies illustrating  the potential of the Lead Teacher role for school-wide inquiry.

Author(s): Edited by Valerie N Podmore, Helen Hedges, Nola Harvey, Peter J Keegan

This book is about young children who learn through more than one language in Aotearoa New Zealand.