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In this issue: AfL in Asian settings; e-learning in assessment education; assessment for emergent learning; historical thinking and the "boy friendly" curriculum; interpreting PAT Mathematics.  
In this issue:  Dual modes for written assessments: Examining validity and reliability;  How year 12 classical studies students experience, understand, and use written feedback;  Processes of change when using portfolios to enhance formative assessment of writing; ... more
Assessment Matters 8: 2015 Special Issue—Equity, fairness, and inclusion in assessment Concerns for equity, fairness, and inclusion in assessment continue to be key areas of research interest, particularly during these times of heightened accountability and testing. Internationally,... more
Assessment Matters 7: 2014 Special Issue - Learning assessment through teacher education This special issue of Assessment Matters presents the findings from an extensive, multi-year, multi-site investigation of how initial teacher education students develop the skills, knowledge,... more
In this issue: Iranian university students’ conceptions of assessment Singaporean teachers’ views of classroom assessment The standards–curriculum alignment for Learning Languages and its reception by teachers  Using Rasch measurement to improve analytical marking keys ... more
Formative assessment has been a matter of central interest for assessment researchers and policy makers internationally for several decades now. But as authors in this issue of Assessment Matters remind us, becoming skilful in the use of formative techniques is a challenging and sometimes lonely... more