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Special issue - Children and childhoods: Agency, anticipation and contribution 
In this issue: Culturally responsive, contextually located infant and toddler caregiving; two year olds in ECE; children’s health in early childhood education; “trissessment”; schema learning theory; embracing the spirit of ako.
In this issue:  Picture books to promote understandings of queer cultures, gender, and family diversity Rainbows, sameness, and other working theories about identity, language, and culture One centre’s approach to supporting crosscultural learning and contribution Voices of playgroup: Connecting pedagogy and understandings of early childhood education Culturally diverse... more
In this issue: E tipu e rea: Messages for early childhood practice The initiating parent voice: Placing the child at the heart of the dialogue about learning Impacts and implications of early childhood education social obligations Family composition as depicted in the New Zealand Picture Book Collection Self-review processes: Using critical discourse analysis to improve practices in... more
In this issue: Privileging young children’s voices in iPad-supported assessment for learning; Parent, whānau, and teacher engagement through online portfolios; Assessment for learning: A comparative study of paper-based portfolios and online ePortfolios; A case study of dispositional learning from kindergarten to school; A study of teaching practices to support child... more
In this issue: Transition portfolios: Another tool in the transition kete Communication that supports positive relationships between preschools and schools at the time of children’s transition Transition to school: A Swedish perspective Parent decision-making about early childhood education: Reducing barriers to participation Shifting realities: Immigrant teacher transitions... more