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Term of Use

  1. Privacy Statement
    Access to data and reporting contained on the NZCER Marking website is password controlled. Users must have an account associated with a particular school in order to access the data and reporting associated with the school. A school website administrator controls who has access to the school's data and what portion of this data they can access. School's must have an up-to-date subscription to the NZCER Marking site in order to make use of the site in the current year.

    Unless directed otherwise by individual schools, NZCER reserves the right to use data entered on the website for test development purposes. Test development encompasses activities such as checking achievement norms and item calibrations, and comparing achievement across population subgroups. All features that could be used to identify a school, class or individual student are removed before data is used in this manner.

    NZCER will only use user information to communicate with users. All personal information, including email addresses are kept securely and will not be shared with a third party.

    The assessment data belongs to the individual schools and remains under the ownership of each school whilst hosted on the NZCER Marking website. Should NZCER be approached for access to any assessment data, the requester would be referred directly back to the owner of the data at the relevant school.


  2. Protection of copyrighted test materials
    The site provides access to test questions and materials for which NZCER holds the copyright. These are provided so that schools can view reports at the question level and administer tests online. To maintain the integrity of the test these should not be distributed, or published without the permission of NZCER.


  3. Cancellation of subscription
    Schools can cancel their subscription to the NZCER Marking site without charge if this is done within 10 working days. If a cancellation notice is not provided within 10 working days schools will be invoiced for the subscription whether or not they have made use of the site.


  4. Goods and Services Tax (GST)
    All prices listed here include GST of 15.0%.


  5. Accounts
    When services are provided, the invoice is prepared and sent to the purchaser. If it is part of an order the invoice will cover only the items provided and the balance of the order will be delivered later and invoiced at that time.


  6. Payments
    Payments should be made within 21 days of receipt of the invoice. A statement will be issued at the end of each month. Cheques should be made payable to the New Zealand Council for Educational Research.