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Psychological Test Services

Psychological Test Services (PTS) supplies a wide range of psychometric tests for professional use in education, clinical psychology and human resources. We offer psychological tests from respected international providers. 

PTS Store

We keep commonly used assessments in stock and can fulfil orders within 5 business days. As we import and sell a wide range of psychometric assessments we can't keep our entire catalogue in stock, but we work hard to fill items on backorder within 4 weeks, where publisher availability and timelines allow.

Online orders must be paid by credit/debit card. Purchase orders can be emailed to  To pay by invoice your organisation must be approved for an invoicing account. All New Zealand schools, RTLB clusters, universities,and  government departments including Te Whatu Ora are approved for invoicing. PTS only sells tests that we have the rights to distribute in Aotearoa New Zealand. 

All PTS sales are final. Returns will only be accepted if the item received is different to the one ordered, is damaged, or is faulty in some way.


The assessments that we supply through PTS are restricted to suitably qualified professionals. Test purchasers must be based in Aotearoa New Zealand and complete our online registration process before purchasing. This involves sending in copies of your relevant qualifications. Please read the information packet linked below for details on our registration system and ensure you understand the requirements for your work area. 

Our registration system is designed for internal purposes to approve sales only and does not constitute a qualification.