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NZCER delivers leading research and evaluation, reflecting current and emerging national priorities in education.

NZCER's current and recently completed research projects are listed below. Click on a project title for a brief description of the project, the NZCER researcher(s) leading the project, and a list of related publications.

Project Project leader(s) - or - contact person(s)
Assessment Resources for Classroom Teachers and Students (ARBs) Jonathan Fisher
Competencies in NZC Rosemary Hipkins
Competent Learners Cathy Wylie
Curriculum for the Future Rachel Bolstad
Curriculum integration Rosemary Hipkins Sue McDowall
Educational policy and practice for a changing climate: What are the options? Rachel Bolstad
Exploring literacy: How six schools lifted achievement Jan Eyre
Games for Learning Rachel Bolstad
Games for Tuia Rachel Bolstad
He Reo Ora survey Nicola Bright
Investigating the Auckland Beginning Teachers Project Jo MacDonald
Learner Success in Building and Construction Jan Eyre
Learning experiences outside the classroom (LEOTC) contract monitoring Teresa Maguire
Maths self-efficacy and achievement Elliot Lawes Linda Bonne
National Monitoring Study of Student Achievement - Wānangatia Te Putanga Tauira Charles Darr
National Survey Linda Bonne
PB4L School-Wide evaluation Sally Boyd Evaluation Sally Boyd
Progress and Consistency Tool (PaCT) Charles Darr
Shifting Thinking Rachel Bolstad
Tautokona te reo: The wellbeing of te reo Māori in kura and schools Maraea Hunia
Te Ahu o te Reo
Teaching and Learning Research Initiative Jo MacDonald
Teaching and School Practices Survey Tool (TSP) Cathy Wylie Heleen Visser Sue McDowall
Timetabling for life-worthy pathways Jan Eyre